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Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1 Download in Hindi, English FilmyZilla, Filmywap, Mp4Moviez, Moviesflix, Torrent, Telegram, Movierulz- So our favorite web-series Stranger Things by Duffer Brothers is Officially ready to release it’s Fourth season soon. Stranger Things season 4 is going to be Scary and more interesting than last three seasons. With the release of Stranger things season 4 first look on YouTube, we get to know that there are more special kids like Eleven in the series.

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Stranger Things Season 4-

Stranger Things Season 4 was announced by Netflix in 2019 and it was supposed to release in 2020 but due to the Global Pandemic the production of season 4 was paused and Stranger Things Season 4 release was delayed.

Recently Netflix released the New teaser on YouTube and in that Teaser we can see Dr. Brenner walking through his Lab and we can see more doors with different numbers like Eleven. Justifying that we will be able to see new characters in the fourth season.

The Teaser Ends with a voiceover of Dr. Brenner Saying “Eleven, are you listening?”

Matt Duffer indicated one of the plot’s “broad strokes” is the main center of action being moved out of Hawkins, Indiana, for the majority of the season, a series first. Matt also specified the several loose ends left by the ending of season three, such as Hopper’s perceived death and Eleven being adopted by Joyce Byers and shifting with her new family out of Hawking’s, will all be explored sometime during the fourth season.

On November 6, 2019, in celebration of Stranger Things Day, the official social media accounts of the show’s writing room revealed the title of the fourth season’s first episode “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club” and that it was written by the Duffer Brothers. On 18 June 2020, the Duffer Brothers announced on Twitter that Stranger Things Season 4 will consist of Nine Episodes.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release date-

To be Announce

Teaser Source: YouTube

Stranger Things Season 3 Recap-

In June 1984 a couple of months before the events of season two the Russian military temporarily opens a gate to the upside down.

Exactly one year later in June 1985 after 11 has seemingly defeated the Mind Flayer the new star-court mall is gaining a lot of popularity in Hawkins.

When Dustin returns from Science Camp he wants to contact a girl named Suzy whom he met there, to reach out to her he builds a makeshift radio but instead of hearing Susie he overhears a secret Russian conversation.

Later, that night Rats all over Hawkins converge to a steel mill where they explode into a gooey matter and when Billy max’s brother drives-by, his car is hit by something and he is dragged into the mill.

He is taken to the upside down and is told to build a team, meanwhile Joyce discovers that the magnets at her store somehow have lost their magnetism.

While Dustin visits Steve Harrington at the star-court ice cream shop where steve now works with Robin together they decrypt Dustin’s intercepted Russian message and conclude that it must be a covert intelligence since the words make no sense.

stranger things season 4 download in hindi
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When Billy then returns to work, he is infected due to his visit in the upside down and kidnaps his co-worker heather bringing her to the steel mill where she is attacked by a creature made from the matter of the combusting rats conducting an investigation into the rats.

Nancy and Jonathan revisit Mrs. Driskell but find her acting strangely.

At the ice cream shop Robin has decoded a Russian message revealing a shipment to arrive at Star-court that night together with Dustin and steve.

She plans a stakeout at the shopping mall following up on the magnets Joyce convinces Hopper that the cause lies at the old Hawkins lab and they decide to investigate but once there Hopper is assaulted by a Russian soldier when eleven uses her powers she sees what Billy is doing to head her together with max she locates Billy and heather at her parents house.

With everything seemingly okay, however when they leave Billy and heather knock her parents out all the while will has been having visions of the upside down and realizes that the mind flayer is back he eventually tells his friends about it and also reveals to them that the Mind Flayer has taken possession of Billy.

After his fight with the Russian soldier hopper recognizes that same soldier meeting with mayor Larry.

They visit Larry and force him to reveal that the soldier whose name is Grigori works for Star-court owners at the shopping mall.

Dustin, Robin and Steve together with Lucas’s sister Erica discover an elevator going deep below the mall but gets trapped in it meanwhile Nancy visits Mrs. Driskell at the hospital and is shocked when the woman goes crazy due to the Mind Flayer infection at the swimming pool.

Eleven and the gang face a similar enemy when they trap Billy in the sauna however a possessed Billy goes berserk and manages to survive a heavy fight with eleven.

He then joins heather at the mill and is shown to have infected a dozen more people.

Via the elevator Dustin and the group are taken to a secret underground Russian lab underneath star-court and witness how the Russians tried to open a gate to the upside down.

Meanwhile, Hopper and Joyce locate a secret lab while investigating one of the abandoned properties owned by the star court owners but they are then attacked and flee taking one of the scientists Alexei with them to Murray a journalist who also happens to speak Russian.

Eleven and her group then meet with Nancy and Jonathan and they conclude that Billy and Mrs. Driskell are flayed aka possessed by the mind flayer in order to create a flayed army they decide to visit Mrs. Driskell but discover that she has disappeared and are then attacked by some of the flayed after defeating them they turn into a slimy mass and together form into a hideous creature.

However a heroic 11 dismantles the creature forcing it to flee to the mill in the Russian underground lab steve and robin are then taken and interrogated but eventually saved by Erica and Dustin at miraa’s Alexi reveals that the Russians are trying to open a gate to the upside down.

With Hopper then sending a distress signal to Owens once again using her powers eleven locates Billy in order to find the mind flayer but she also learns that the mind flayer wants revenge for her closing the gate and now also knows where she is at the steel mill deflate are then turned into the gooey substance giving physical form to the mind flayer now armed with the knowledge of 11’s location the mindflayer attacks and wounds her Leg but together with the group she manages to escape and hide out in a store.

Stranger Things Season 4 download
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Meanwhile, Dustin and Erica drag a drugged steve and robin to the shopping mall and Dustin then contacts eleven’s group but is unable to give their location when his walkie-talkie runs out of power eleven then uses her own power to locate them.

When Joyce and hopper are looking for the kids Alexa and Murray are discovered by the Russians and alexi is killed by Grigori, Murray then goes back to hopper and Joyce and they learned that the Russians are looking for the kids at the shopping mall.

At star court eleven and her group arrived just in time for her to save Dustin’s group but a Weak 11 then collapses from the mind player wound however she eventually manages to remove the mind flayer piece from her wound.

When hopper and company arrive they plan to evacuate 11 while his group will try to turn off the Russian gate opening machine in the mall the mind flare and Billy both attack 11 but the supernatural girl manages to convince Billy to turn to their side and in doing so he sacrifices himself to save 11.

Meanwhile hopper finds the machine room with Gregory there as well in the ensuing fight hopper throws him in the machine and gives choice the go ahead to trigger the shutdown closing the gate and thus leaving the mind flayer powerless but also killing everyone and everything in the gate room including himself.

Three months later Joyce her family and the now powerless 11 decide to move from Hawkins.

On the other side of the world in Kamchatka Russia the Russians feed a live prisoner to a Demogorgon but make sure that the prisoner is not the American

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