Will PUBG Unban in India?- PUBG Mobile 2 Launch, PUBG Indian Version

pubg unban in india
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Today morning another news is going viral on the Internet that PUBG Mobile is launching an Indian version of PUBG and it will be named as PUBG Mobile 2.

Know the truth behind PUBG Unban in India, When PUBG will unban and PUBG Mobile 2 in this article.

So today morning I saw some articles and a post on Reddit related to PUBG Unban in India and then I started researching on it.
I came to know that there is no official statement from PUBG Mobile Officials on the Unban, these are just rumors.

According to the Rumors,
PUBG is not going to collaborate with Jio digital and they have made their decision to take PUBGM under their control with Krafton.

There was a post on Reddit saying that PUBG is going to develop PUBG Mobile Indian version just for the Users in India.
PUBG is going to Install their new servers in India to solve the Privacy issues.
The new version of PUBG will be named as ‘PUBG MOBILE 2

pubg unban in india
Image Source: reddit

The Post says
“We all know how this game is so well optimized and there are no performance issues.
Considering the Warzone BR is coming out soon and will be Free2Play for everyone,
it is expected to see a complete remake of PUBG as PUBG 2 with same gameplay”.

After seeing this post, people started saying that PUBG is soon going to launch again in India as PUBG 2.

As there is no such official statement from PUBG regarding to PUBG unban we cannot fully believe on these news.

Recently the GOI said “For now PUBG cannot be unbanned in India”.

A lot of trusted news sources are covering and publishing news on PUBG unban everyday but I would suggest you to not fully believe on those news until PUBG releases any official statement.

You can checkout new statements of PUBG on their official website.

For now nobody knows when PUBG will unban in India but as soon as we know we will update you.

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