PUBG Unban date confirmed? Reliance PUBG Partnership

Recently PUBG was banned in India because of some Major privacy issues. Previously Tencent Gaming, A Chinese company was holding a 10% stake in PUBG, after the ban Tencent lost $14 Billion Market value.

Rumors are going viral on the Internet that PUBG is soon going to be unbanned in India and Reliance is going to do partnership with PUBG.

I will tell you the truth about PUBG Unban in India and it’s partnership with Reliance.

The rumors says “PUBG is going to unban on 24th October 2020.

Let me clear you PUBG has not made any official statement regarding the Pubg Unban date in India.

On the official site, PUBG recently updated that they are going to end their partnership with Tencent Gaming and PUBG Corp will look on all publishing responsibilities within the country.

Pubg official statement on Pubg unban in India (pic from Pubg official site)

PUBG New Collaboration –

Globally, PUBG Mobile is soon going to Collaborate with Mountain Dew.

It will be available in game on 22 September.

But here we are talking about PUBG Collab with Reliance Jio and there are rumors that PUBG has already started discussion with Reliance.

So let’s know the truth about the Partnership of PUBG with Reliance Jio

There is no official statement from PUBG or Reliance Jio about the Partnership but Sources say that both the companies are in talk and are working together to look into the aspects to get the deal.

As PUBG already states that they are looking for digital partners in India to publish the Game in India again.

Let’s talk about companies PUBG can collaborate

There are two big companies in India, PayTm and Reliance.

PayTm is already in contract with Garena Free fire so there are no chances of PayTm to sign the deal with PUBG as Pubg is their Competition.

Because of the PUBG ban in India, other games like FreeFire, Call of Duty mobile are getting a lot of exposure from the audience as well as the Indian gaming community.

According to the news sources,

possibilities of PUBG and Reliance Jio partnership are very high.

The Indian audience also wants Reliance Jio to buy stakes in PUBG so that we can play the game again.

Reports say that the South Korean Company Blue Hole and PUBG has started discussion with Reliance Jio regarding Revenue sharing and localization of the game.

This means if Jio partners with PUBG Publishing will be done by Reliance Jio.

Also, new servers of PUBG mobile can get install in India because of the security issue.

The Privacy of users will be maintain by the PUBGM partner.

PUBG already Collaborated with Reliance Jio:

Yes, PUBG partnered with reliance Jio on July 2019.

PUBG lite and Reliance Jio partnered with each other in which the game gave exclusive rewards to the players.


If everything goes well between Reliance and PUBG we will soon get the good news of getting PUBG Unban in India and to get latest news related to PUBG, follow our blog.

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