PUBG MOBILE Season 16 Rewards LEAKED! Upcoming FREE Rewards in PUBG

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Rewards Leaked– Hello Guys. So Season 15 is going to end soon and we all are waiting for PUBG Mobile Season 16. New outfits, rewards, crates and much more. Season 15 was not too good for me and I am eagerly waiting for S16.

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I have get some confirmed Leaks for S16 Free Tier Rewards for PUBG Mobile and you guys decide how the PUBG Mobile season 16 Rewards are?

So first let’s take a look at PUBG Mobile season 16 Gold tier Reward

This outfit is really amazing and all you have to do is reach gold tier and play 5 matches to redeem this outfit.

The Fire Extinguisher, hazard mask and those three star on the chest makes the outfit more attractive.

The color combination is great and his is holding a crowbar in his hand (maybe).

For me this outfit is much better then the out of PUBG Mobile season 15.

Just complete 5 matches in top 10 at gold tier and this amazing outfit will be yours in PUBG MOBILE season 16.

The second Reward is the Mask

pubg mobile season 16 rewards mask
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You will get that amazing hazard mask after reaching platinum tier.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Diamond Tier Reward

On Diamond Tier you will get an amazing Thompson Gun Finish, so if you don’t own a Thompson skin this is a chance to get one in PUBG Mobile Season 16.

pubg mobile season 16 rewards thompson gun skin
Image: Bloggindia

We are going to get 3 Rating Protection cards after reaching Crown tier like we get in every season.

Let’s take a look at Pubg Mobile Season 16 ACE tier Reward

After reaching ACE tier we are going to get this Parachute.

pubg mobile season 16 rewards parachute skin ACE
Image: Bloggindia

All you have to do is reach ACE tier and play 5 Matches to get this amazing Parachute.

We can again see a guy wearing hazard mask on the parachute design and this can be a hit for PUBG Season 16 Theme.

On reaching Conqueror tier you will get a S18 conqueror frame as usual.

Let me know your opinions in the comments below on which theme PUBG Mobile season 16 will be?

So guys this was all about PUBG Mobile Season 16 Free Tier Rewards and in some days I am going to share PUBG Mobile confirmed Season 16 Royal Pass Rewards.

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