PUBG Mobile India Trailer Releasing Today? PUBG Mobile India Confirmed Release Date 2021

PUBG Mobile India Trailer Releasing Today? PUBG Mobile India Confirmed Release date by Professional Gamers and sources- PUBG Mobile India is one of the Most awaited games in India, Fans are waiting since November 2020 when the Teaser was announced officially by PUBG India Team.

PUBG Mobile India Trailer
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Due to some reason with Government, the release was cancelled and till March 2021 PUBG Mobile India was having meetings with the Indian Government to make a safe release this time for the game.

Finally in the month of March PUBG Mobile India got the permission from GOI to release the game and started making changes in the game as per their requirements.

PUBG India is now officially a registered company in India and has it’s own distributors for Indian Release of games.

Since March 2021 PUBG India team is hiring Employees to work especially on the Indian version of game.

This is a summary of PUBG Mobile India till now and from past week Many gamers like Dynamo Gaming, Scout, Mortal, IND Akhil and many others.

So many Fans are assuming that PUBG Mobile India Trailer is going to release Today (22-04-2021) and no one said this date to them, Youtubers are dropping hints but not telling dates.

So Just to be Clear, Don’t hope too much that the Trailer is releasing today. It can be released at any random day and time.

PUBG Mobile India Trailer and Game Release Date-

So one of the PUBG Mobile Content Creator has announced a clear date of PUBG Mobile India Launch.

IND Akhil said ” The game is going to launch on 11 May 2021 Confirmed and if the game doesn’t launch on this date, you can call me anywhere and beat me” LOL.

IND Akhil is so sure with the Launch date of PUBG Mobile India, so let’s see if the game releases or not?

What do you guys think when the Game is going to release, let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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