PUBG Mobile India Trailer LEAKED, Bollywood Star in Trailer, Release Date revealed, PUBG 2 is Back

We all are waiting for PUBG Mobile India Trailer since we have watched the Teaser. The Trailer launch is getting delayed everyday and PUBG MOBILE INDIA Release date is not yet revealed officially. But there’s a big reason behind the PUBG MOBILE RELEASE getting delayed.

Also, on official discord servers of PUBG MOBILE the trailer concept has be leaked, read below to know more.

The reason is PUBG Mobile started transferring data on Indian Players to PUBG Mobile Indian servers and they are making sure that after releasing the game on Playstore,

PUBG Mobile India should work properly and not create any problems for the Indian players while logging in the game or while playing the game.

Finally the Data Transfer is started by PUBG Mobile Indian team and some players are getting an option to transfer their data to Indian servers.

pubg mobile india accout
Image: BloggIndia

Many videos are uploaded on the Internet showing the Data Transfer Prompt and some of the players also uploaded Videos of Data Transfer from Global to Indian version.

PUBG Mobile India Trailer Leak and PUBG Mobile India Release Date

Yesterday on PUBG Mobile official discord servers,

A developer from PUBG Mobile team accidently shared a screenshot and deleted it instantly. But someone read the screenshot and leaked what’s going to happen in PUBG MOBILE Trailer.

So according to the leak Dynamo, Kronten and Jonathan are in a room missing the game (we saw this in the teaser) and suddenly

Bollywood Star Arshad Warsi Knocks the door and says “why you all are sitting, the game is released, Go download Now“.

Image: Discord

So this means there will be no release date in the Trailer.

PUBG Mobile India Official Game and PUBG Mobile India Official Trailer will be launched together on/before 20th November according to the leak.

Also, Kronten and Ghatak revealed that the Game will be launched before or on 20 November on Playstore while streaming live on Facebook gaming.

My personal opinions on the game launch and Trailer is that All be can do is wait and hope for the best. Pray that on 20 November the game should launch without any issues else it will be delayed again.

Let’s wait and do let me know in the comments below if you got the Data Transfer option PUBG Mobile.

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