PUBG Mobile India Releasing Today Confirmed, PUBG Mobile India Download Links and Official Website, 20 November 2020

Finally the wait is over. Today PUBG Mobile India is releasing officially as said by YouTubers, Streamers, News Channels, Leaks and Pro Gamers. PUBG Mobile India download links were shown on the official website at 12A.M but later after refreshing the website they were missing again. Read full story below.

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So Today night at 12A.M, a ray of hope was seen at the official Website of PUBG MOBILE INDIA.

People were searching for the game at 12 AM and many people saw the Download now and Download from Playstore button on the official website.

After refreshing both the buttons were gone again but this proves that the Process of Launching the game is started and it may release today if it didn’t fall in any issue.

As you can see in the Video clip, the backend team of PUBG Mobile India is working on the website and creating links.

After the successful launch of Game, The links will be displayed on the Official Site.

According to TSM Entity Ghatak and Kronten Gaming, they both took guarantee of the release. They both said that the game will be launched on 20 November.

Yesterday while streaming Kronten became angry on PUBG Mobile India for not releasing the Trailer and said (for fun) that if the trailer didn’t come Today (20 November) I will leak the trailer and the whole concept :D.

PUBG Mobile India Trailer and Game will launch together day and in official servers of PUBG Mobile the trailer concept was accidently leaked by a PUBG Mobile developer.

A person saw the message and later leaked it on the internet.

According to the leak, Dynamo, Kronten and Jonathan are sitting in a some and missing the game ( we saw this scene in teaser), suddenly Bollywood star Arshad Warsi knocks the Door and say them-

Why you are sitting, PUBG Mobile India is Released Go Download the Game Now“.

PUBG Mobile India Trailer leaked
Image: BloggIndia

The game was supposed to release on 13 November 2020 but was delayed because of us.

PUBG Mobile India is working hard to get the game back and also our account data in the game.

To migrate the data to PUBG Mobile Indian Servers, PUBG IN delayed the game release.

If you want to download PUBGM Indian version as soon as it comes out, follow our telegram channel.
I will post the Download links on Telegram

Image: Telegram

Thank you for reading. Share this article with your friends and PUBG squad, get ready to play the game.

Hope for the best Today.

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Thank You.

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