Technical Guruji giving Hints on PUBG Mobile India Launch, Know more Details Here

PUBG Mobile India is ready to launch in India but the game is waiting for Government to Grant the permission to publish the game in India. The only reason coming out for the delay of PUBG Mobile India is they aren’t getting permission from MEITY to launch the game.

Technical Guruji recently posted a photo on Instagram holding PUBG cup and in the caption he added “Ready for some Action”.

Technical Guruji PUBG
Image: Instagram

In the comments one person asked “Kisi ne Mug dekha kya?” to which Technical Guruji replied ‘Dikhane ke liye to Pakda tha‘.

PUBG mobile India release
Image: Instagram

Another person asked “Kya Khabar hai?” to which Guruji Replied ‘99 percent Khabar pakki hai‘.

PUBG mobile India release
Image: Instagram

Also, Many articles and Streamers are saying that PUBG Mobile India will launch after the Launch of FAU-G.

The reason behind this statement is because if PUBG Launched before FAU-G, the game will not get too much attention from the audience because of PUBG.

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When will PUBG Mobile India be officially launched in India?

According to latest reports, it is highly unlikely that PUBG Mobile India would be released in India until February 2021.

Earlier, it was widely reported that the game will be launched in India by the first week of December, however, those reports turned out to be false.

All we can do is wait for the official statements or game release.

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