PUBG Mobile India New Trailer Going Viral on YouTube, Watch Now

PUBG Mobile India is not released in India and there’s no official statement or tweets by PUBG related to PUBG Mobile India Release Date or the Official Trailer. recently, On official Pubg Mobile Site a Download link appeared and then disappeared again.

pubg mobile india download
Image: BloggIndia

This was the buttons and new PUBG Indian version logo appeared on the official website of PUBG India

It was stated that PUBG Mobile is preparing for the release of PUBG Mobile Indian Version on 20 November but still it’s not released.

Many Big Youtubers, Streamers, PUBG pro gamers confirmed the release date of PUBG Mobile India but due to issues the game release date is getting delayed every day.

PUBG Mobile is trying their best to release the game as soon as Possible and they are working hard to bring the game back in India.

Today, A fake trailer went viral on the Internet named as ‘PUBG Mobile India official Trailer Leaked’. I will show you the trailer below.

In that trailer it was shown that PUBG Mobile India is coming back with New outfits, new gun skins, New player appearance and more.

I think that it’s a fake trailer or an old PUBG trailer that is re-released by someone with PUBG Mobile Tag in it.

The trailer obviously seems to be fake and as PUBG as given no official statements on PUBG Mobile India Release date or Trailer, we can’t trust these fake trailer leaks anymore.

However, yesterday A original leak was found on the Internet.

A Beta Tester of PUBG Indian version posted a video on Instagram. The video showed the Loading screen of PUBG Mobile India.

It was real and It has a Microsoft Azure and Krafton Union logo in the starting screen. After that a popup comes saying “Thank you for trying the Beta version of PUBG Mobile India”

PUBG Mobile India Loading Sreen leaks
Image: BloggIndia

You can watch the video by Clicking on the link- PUBG Mobile Loading Screen Leaked

New leaks are coming out everyday and I am so frustrated that I can’t trust them anymore and I think you are too.

All we can do is wait for the officials to release some statement or Release the Game.

Hope for the best and let’s just wait for the game.

Let me know your opinions in the comments below, share this news with your friends. Thanks for Reading!

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