GOOD NEWS: PUBG Mobile India is Officially Approved By the Government of India, game Releasing soon

It’s been a long time since PUBG Mobile is Banned in India and people are waiting for PUBG Mobile India to release as soon as possible in India. PUBG Mobile recently announced they are coming back in India with new Indian servers and PUBG Indian Version.

Initially the game was supposed to launch in India on 13 November 2020 but due to Data transfer and some confidential issue the launch was delayed by PUBG mobile India.

Later it was announced that the game will release on 20 November 2020 and again it got delayed due to some issues.

Now that we know that PUBG Mobile India is officially Registered in India, the release delay issue can be with the Government and it is finally Solved.

Yesterday PUBG Mobile India officially got the permission from GOI to release the game. The company is now finally official in India.

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As you can see the company is now Registered as “PUBG India Private Limited”. The company has 2 directors ‘Kumar Krishnan Iver and Hyuni Sohn’.

The directors were appointed in 21 November 2020. The company is registered in Karnataka.

Today PUBG Mobile is expected to have a press conference on Facebook Official Page and there it is speculated that officials will tell about the upcoming Tournaments and plans of PUBG.

However, it is also speculated that PUBG mobile is releasing today 24 November 2020 at 4 P.M

PUBG Mobile India is also working on their website and it’s under construction, some screenshots and recording were shared by people saying that they found A download link on the Official Website of PUBG.

This all hints towards the release of PUBG Mobile India and all we can do is wait for the game and hope for the best.

Now let’s just wait and pray the successful release of game without any issues.

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