PUBG Mobile India Final Release Date Comes Out, Can Release on this Date

We all are waiting for PUBG Mobile India to release so we can play the game again and enjoy watching live matches and streams. PUBG Mobile India was supposed to Launch on 13 November but it got delayed after that it was said that the game will release on 17 November, it got delayed again due to data migration.

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After that 20 November was the date but again it got delayed and still no clues by PUBG Mobile team for the game launch.

However, On 19 November at Midnight a download button was seen on the official website of PUBG Mobile India and most of the people said that the team is working on the backend of the website and soon PUBG Mobile India will release.

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The Logo and download buttons appeared on the official site was this. It was written “Get On Google Playstore” and “APK Download” on the website.

For sure the backend team are working on the official site to make the release successful.

We were waiting eagerly for the game on 20 November, opening official site and checking on Playstore again and again.

Out of frustration many people started hating Kronten Gaming as he made sure that the game will release on 20 November.

Kronten just passed on the Information that he got from the officials of PUBGM Indian team, there’s nothing to hate him.

On 20 November a footage was leaked on Instagram by a PUBG Mobile Indian version Beta tester. He mistakenly uploaded the Loading screen footage on Instagram.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date

There are many different dates coming out for PUBG Mobile Indian version release.

Today, while streaming on YouTube Kronten Gaming again gave a hint on PUBGM India release.

Kronten said ‘ The game is Unban in India, The officials are checking the download link and working on backend of website. The game can release at anytime, any date. It can release Today, Tomorrow or anytime‘.

Kronten also shared “The game and trailer will launch together on the same date.”

There’s no official date given to any PUBG Mobile Streamer or any PUBG pro player.

Also there’s a speculation that PUBG Mobile India will release on 24 November 2020.

Many people said that the Game will not launch before 02 December 2020.

There are rumors and speculations only. No official statement or release date is given by PUBG officials anywhere.

All we can do is wait for the game to launch or wait for the officials to share information on PUBGM India release date.

PUBGM is working really hard to bring the game back as soon as possible and we have to wait for the game.

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