So We all have been waiting for PUBG Mobile India release since the day it was announced. I have got a Good NEWS for All the Indian PUBG Fans and it been official Confirmed by the internal sources.

PUBG Mobile India was supposed to release on 13th November but it got delayed due to data transfer issues. Later, a new date was announced by Indian Streamers 20 November but again the release delayed because of goverment issues.

Then PUBG Mobile Registered their company as PUBG India Private Limited on 21 November 2020 so that they get the permission to release the game in India and not get banned again after releasing.

BREAKING: Now, The news that is coming from the sources is PUBG mobile sent a notification to Google Play Store team to review PUBG Mobile India version live as soon as possible after the developer submits the game.

pubg mobile india gem esports
Image: Instagram

The news was posted by Gem.esports on Instagram.

The Google Play store review team have been briefed stating to have the app published live instantly and not to be held for review.

Some of the abbreviations used in the post:
WFM: Works For Me
– “One Hold Do Not Use queue“: A portal for a Full Time Employee to publish the app live i.e not to be held up in the reviewing queue/reviewer.

The source wants to be anonymous and has showed us additional information which confirms that he has links to the Google Play Store team. He also claims, this briefing was sent out on November 13th as well and was later told to be removed. Again, yesterday(24th November) it’s being notified again.

Does this mean the App is right around the corner? Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

The game could launch at any time. Maybe today, Maybe tomorrow.

Let’s just hope for the best and wait for the game to launch as soon as possible.

Share this information with your squad and let them know PUBG Mobile India is releasing soon. Start grinding because this time PUBG Mobile is going to take E-sports on another level in India.

Thank You for reading!

Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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