PUBG KR Vs PUBG Global- Top 4 BIG Differences in PUBGM and PUBG Korea

PUBG KR vs PUBG Global- I shifted to PUBG KR (Korean) Version a week ago and I found a lot of big differences between PUBGM and PUBG Korea. In this article I will share 4 Big Differences between PUBG Mobile Global version and PUBG Mobile Korean Version.

We all know about PUBG mobile already as we have been playing the game.

After shifting to PUBG KR I was shocked after seeing the very first difference that is the Value of Silver Fragments.

Silver Fragment Shop-

In PUBG Mobile KR you can Redeem a lot of Weapons, Helmet Skins and Outfits with just Silver Fragments.

As you can see in the above image the Pan, Bag and Helmet skins.

You can also redeem vehicle skins and Star Fragments with Silver Fragments.

pubg kr- silver
Image: Instagram

Cheap Shop-

PUBG Mobile KR is very cheap as compared to PUBG Mobile global version.

You can get 30 Room Cards in just 500UC and 7 Days Room card in 300UC.

In PUBG Mobile Global version Room cards, Rename cards and crates are very expensive as compared to PUBG Korean Version.

Image: Instagram

PUBG KR Events-

PUBG KR Events are way better then the Global version events.

You can easily redeem Premium Crates, custom crates or any type of crates by completing events and collecting points.

Also, you will get permanent outfits after completing event missions.

Image: Nooman Idrisi

Amazing Premium, Classic and Supply Crates-

IN PUBG Mobile Korean version, the premium crates are really amazing and you will get mythic and legendry outfits easily in crate opening in PUBG KR.

You don’t need to waste thousands of UCs for one Outfit like in PUBG Mobile global version.

Also, all the items in premium crates are valuables, there are no silver fragments in PUBG KR premium crates.

Image: Nooman Idrisi

Premium, classic, supply and event crates look amazing.

If you want to download and install PUBG KR in your android Follow the steps given below.

How to download PUBG Korean version and How to Install PUBG Korean Version:

There are two easy ways to download PUBG Korean version,

First is You need to download TapTap app on your Android Devicea and Install it.

Open up the application, create a new account and search for PUBG KR.

There you will find the PUBG Korean Version, now click on download and that’s it.

Download TapTap Application here!

The second Method-

You need to Download the PUBG KR APK and OBB file.

After download the APK and OBB, Install PUBG Mobile KR Application.

Now go to file manager and open up the download folder

Find PUBG Mobile KR OBB file and Move it to Internal Storage > OBB > and Paste the PUBG Mobile KR OBB folder there.

Download PUBG Mobile Korean APK Here

Download PUBG Mobile Korean OBB Here

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