PUBG 1.1 Update Date- PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update Features Confirmed, Update details

PUBG 1.1 update is going to release on 10th November globally and the date was released officially by PUBG. PUBG 1.1 update will be released for all versions of PUBG Mobile. Let’s take a loot to All new confirmed leaked features of PUBG Mobile 1.1.

Also, we will be covering PUBG 1.1 Beta APK download links and how to Install it.

PUBG 1.1 Update Details

The new update is going to launch on 10th November. Also there will be a Black Friday Event in PUBG Mobile 1.1 update.

The update is going to launch globally for all regions of PUBG.

The beta update features new settings and some major anti-cheating update to detect hackers.

Beta update PUBG Mobile 1.1 is launched on official servers, you can download it from the link below.

Quick Throw Feature

The new quick throw features was released in PUBG CN and it was teased that this feature will be coming to PUBG Mobile also.

So in this PUBG 1.1 update, we’ll get to see the new quick throw feature.

For all those who don’t know what quick throw feature is-

You can easily switch between throwables by long pressing on it and a quick throwable menu will appear.
You can switch your throwables easily with the help of this feature.

pubg 1.1 update
Image: BloggIndia

Personally for me, this is a very important feature PUBG is bringing because in panic situations, most of the players throw grenades instead of smoke or vice-versa.

You can switch on or off this feature from the setting menu.

New Gyroscope Sensitivity-

In PUBG 1.1, the sensitivity for gyroscope is increased from 300% to 400%.

This is going to improve the gameplay for full gyro players because the reaction time in close range and medium range battles is going to be a lot more better.

Let me know in the comments below if you are a gyroscope player.

pubg 1.1 update gyroscope
Image: Youtube

Security Inspection Feature

PUBG Mobile is adding a new security inspection feature in PUBG 1.1 Update. This feature will be added in-game servers.

This new security update is going to help a lot and I hope it will decrease the percentage of Hackers.

The Inspection feature will perform a security check and filter the players using third-party apps to play the game.

Now I don’t know about players using Graphics software to increase or decrease the Graphic quality or FPS in game.

pubg 1.1 update
Image: Youtube

Route Marking Feature-

The new route marking feature is going to add an amazing experience and coordination between teammates.

Players will be able to mark route and it will become easier to make new strategies and tell other teammates which route you are going to use to flank or move around.

pubg 1.1 update
Image: Bloggindia

Driving Controls Customization-

In PUBG 1.1 update, you can customize driving controls according to your use.

This feature will imrove driving skills and I hope that I will use the break button instead of using the backward button to stop vehicle:)

pubg 1.1 update vehicle setting
Image: Bloggindia

Throwable Features-

New in this new update Whenever you will throw smoke bomb or stun grenade it will blast in 1 seconds after falling on the ground.

Previously, the grenade or smoke use to blast exactly after the timer ends.

But in PUBG 1.1 the throwables will blast within one second after falling the ground.

And the Blasting visual effects of Grenades will be changed in PUBG 1.1.

pubg 1.1 update grenade effect
Image: Youtube

Mele Throwable-

In PUBG 1.1, players will be able to throw melee weapon on other players.

You can throw Pan or other Mele Weapons on players by selecting the weapon, and click on attack button.

pubg 1.1 update pan throw
Image: Bloggindia

Driving Camera Angle-

In the new PUBG 1.1 update you’ll get two options

Follow Mode and Free View

If you select follow mode,

while driving after changing the angle of view, you will come back to the default angle automatically.

And if you select Free View, the camera angle will remain at the place where you want.

Spike Trap

This new spike trap update is very useful especially for bridge campers. This update came first in PUBG PC and now we will see this feature in PUBG mobile 1.1.

You will get a spike trap and you can use the trap to damage tyres of vehicles.

pubg 1.1 update spike trap
Image: Youtube

Erangle 1.1 Metro update

We will get to see metro trains in PUBG mobile 1.1 Update.

pubg 1.1 update metro update
Image: Youtube

In this PUBG 1.1 update, you can go to metro stations and board on trains to reach destination.

Also, on some metro stations you have to fight with monsters.

pubg 1.1 update monster update
Image: Youtube

This was some of the highlighted features of Pubg mobile 1.1 update and I hope you will find these new features useful.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.1 Beta Update and Installation Guide

Download the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.1 APK + OBB from Here

Install the APK and Copy the OBB files to your Android>OBB Folder.

That’s it. You are ready to play the beta update.

Share this articles with true PUBG fans and do let me know your opinions about the new update in the comments below.

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