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Photoshop editing Tutorial- I am using photoshop from the last 2 years and I am a self-learned photoshop user. Photoshop is all about learning new tools, new ways of editing everyday. In this tutorial I will show you to edit like one of the most popular photoshop artist CALOP.

Calob is one of the most popular photoshop artists on Instagram.
He has a huge amount of followers (over 1 Million) and he is famous for his way of adding realistic glows in photos.
I am a fan too!

Also, calop is one of the best concept creators on Instagram. Whatever he creates and posts on Instagram, it goes viral.
People try to edit like him, create manipulations like him, add glows like him.

In this photoshop editing tutorial I will Layer breakdown one of his most popular photos on Instagram.

calop instagram
Image source Calop

This is one of the Best and creative photoshop manipulation, I also tried creating one like this and posted one Instagram,
You can check that on My Instagram Handle – @noomanidris

Let’s break down this Image and see how calop created this image in this photoshop editing tutorial.

First take a look on how calop shot this photo by seeing some behind the scenes-

calop instagram
Image Source Calop

This is BTS of the amazing manipulation that we saw, now take a look on the Image that I created without any external light souce.

Don’t judge me because I am not a model just see the editing-

photoshop editing tutorial
Image Source- NoomanIdrisi

I said my friend to take a pic of mine and at that time we didn’t had any external light source.

The pic was shot in a room with normal lighting conditions and then I edited this pic in photoshop and tried to make lights one me.

Layer Breakdown-

You can see the layer Breakdown by calop below-

Video Source – Calop instagram

Now I will tell you how I added those lights, I will show you all the layers.

Photoshop Editing tutorial-

photoshop editing tutorial
Image source – NoomanIdrisi

As you can see in the above layer breakdown-

First I extracted myself from the background using Pen tool
Then I added a new background and merged both the layers
After that I match the Exposure and Colors of the foreground(me) with background with the help of exposure and color balance adjustment layer.

Now created a new empty layer to make the orange highlights-

photoshop editing tutorial
Image source- NoomanIdrisi

As you can see in the empty layer I used brush to create lights.
Set the blending mode to Soft Light or Color
Start drawing the lights on you on the side of light source.

Tip- Clip the layer to yourself and draw the lights

After drawing the light on myself,
I again took the brush and on a new empty layer above all the layers I painted the orange color with soft light blending.

At last I merged all the layer and did color grading in camera raw and that’s it.

If you want the PSD of this photoshop editing tutorial, just follow me on Instagram and Message me “PSD”

I will send you the PSD and some bonus brushes that will help you in your editing.

Things you will get in PSD:

Layer Breakdown
Brush I use
Stock Image and PNGs.

Make sure to check out Calop on Instagram.

If you have any questions related to editing or any suggestions you can contact me on Instagram.

Instagram Handle- NoomanIdrisi

I will be publishing more articles on photoshop editing tutorials and I will try to add a Video tutorial directly from YouTube.
All the editing and tutorials will be available for free.
You will get stock images and amazing premium brush packs as a bonus on this website.

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