MIUI 12 Update is set to Launch in these devices, MIUI 12 Update Tracker (Download)

Xiaomi Users are waiting for MIUI 12 update from a very long time. The MIUI 12 update already started to Roll out for flagship phones but for mid-range users the MIUI 12 update is getting delayed.

But now finally the wait is over!

Xiaomi has officially released the MIUI 12 Update for Redmi Note 8 in China and the Redmi note 8 passed 90% of the tests.

Means, Xiaomi will be releasing the MIUI 12 Update in Mid-October if the phone passes all the tests .

However, you can download and install the MIUI 12 Update for Redmi Note 8 but you will face bugs and battery draining issue in your phone.

If you want to download the pre-release, you can download it from XDA-Developers forum or directly click on the link below to start downloading the update

MIUI 12 Update download for Redmi Note 8

MIUI 12 Update for Redmi note 7 Pro download.

MIUI 12 Update Tracker-

October 12- Xiaomi has officially started rolling out the update for Vodafone Variants of MI 9 in Europe.

The update is available to random users as of version

Other Xiaomi Device list that are going to get MIUI 12 updates-

List of DevicesStatus
Redmi K20 ProReleased
Redmi K20Released
Poco X2Released
Mi 10Released
Redmi note 9October
Redmi Note 9 ProOctober
Redmi Note 8October ( Released in china)
Redmi Note 8 ProOctober
Redmi Note 7October
Redmi Note 7 ProOctober
Poco M2 ProOctober/November
Poco F1October/November
Redmi Note 7SNovember
Redmi 8November
Redmi 8ANovember
Redmi 8A DualNovember
Redmi 7November
Redmi 7ANovember
Redmi 6 ProNovember
Redmi 6November
Redmi 6A2020 End
Redmi Note 52020 End
Redmi Y3Redmi Note 5 Pro
Redmi Note 5 ProEarly 2021
Redmi Note 6 ProEarly 2021
Table Source : Bloggindia

Here are some highlighted updates of MIUI 12

First one is going to be to the notification bar if you want to look at the notifications this is how it will look very clean

MIUI 12 update control panel
Image source Beebom

There are no Quick setting struggles now but how do you access doors simply slide down from the right side and you will get this brand new control Centre I wander from where they got this name control Centre it completely changed now I am glad that they still have the settings button here you can edit all this Quick setting styles.

If you want to change the position simply click on the edit button and you will be able to do that now the new update is that you will get all these four big tiles first one is the amount of mobile data that you have used then Bluetooth,
Jio 4G this is for mobile data and this is for Wi-Fi everything can be turned on or turned off from here.
What do you think about this brand-new control Centre? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section box below.

Now we are going to talk about a brand new update and this can be done with any application literally games Instagram app Facebook app any app. You can just any app and then swipe it on the right side to minimize it in a window and then you can use any application you want and this can be done to PUBG mobile game as well even though it’s not very helpful that much does not work properly with PUBG mobile game but still it works. If you want to resize the window you can enlarge the window as much as possible.

MIUI 12 Update Floating window
Image source MI community

When you enable full screen gestures you can simply swipe left or right from the bottom to simply go to the previous application and keep on going as long as their applications go, ok that’s very much.

Next update is with wallpapers and there’s something called dynamic wallpapers now and there are brand new wallpapers. Go-to system wallpapers and you can see some new wallpapers there. MIUI 12 will show you a lot of options in wallpapers. You will have a choice whether to download it or not so that it won’t consume extra space unnecessarily on your device while simply downloading it apply on home screen and our brand new wallpaper is applied. 

MIUI 12 Gif
Image source: Fossbytes

There is also something called super wallpapers which is not present on the Redmi k20 and Redmi Note 7 Pro. Super wallpapers option is present only for flagship devices such as Redmi K20 Pro or MI 10 or MI 10 Pro.

Next update is the dark mode. I do not prefer to use dark mode because sometimes it becomes a little bit irritating because the surrounding conditions are dark like I have turned up all the lights the display is dark but there is so much text that it becomes too bright for me and that’s why I do not use dark mode a lot but with MIUI 12 you get this new option which will adjust contrast automatically, the contrast of the text with be adjusted automatically so that it doesn’t become too bright for your eyes when everything is turned off and this will be dependent on the surrounding conditions

MIUI 12 dark theme
Image source: Gizmochina

There are a lot of visual changes and one is in the storage as you can see if I’m going to my device this is how the storage comes.

 As we are talking about visual changes let’s talk about another big one if you want to change default sim cards for calls then one can be selected or can be switched to.

MIUI 12 Storage
Image Source: AndroidAuthority

For data you can select one or two it looks really good in my opinion and to change options like this if you select the third option then every single time you call someone it will ask you which network you want to use.

Next update is for privacy, now privacy is very important and that’s why privacy protection will actually give you some sort of protection this time it has become very powerful.

It will show all the applications that ask for permission or which were permission that they used in the background even when the device is locked but anyway you can see that on the brand new option is information notifications this option is already there on colour OS 7. 

As well as when some application is using any permission in the background you will be able to see that in the notification bar. 

MIUI 12 Notifications
Image Source Androidpolice

if you’re going to manage virtual ID – go to special permissions then scroll down once again manage virtual ID this will create a virtual ID and it will give back to the apps if you do not want those apps.

Next update is a brand new health application and I’m not really sure why but it asks for microphone permission which will record audio to hear your dreams and snoring dreams.

So basically with MIUI 12 health Application now you can use it to track your sleep just by keeping your phone on your pillow if you feel fine doing that. You can definitely do that. I have not tried that personally. I feel that using MI band 4 or dedicated health bands is a better option as compared to using your phone to track health, attract steps or anything like that. But it is good to have that option.

You can also see now the UI of whether app is also changed in MIUI 12

I have seen a lot of people complaining that it has not come with any app drawer. 

Not anymore,

Just go to settings go to more select home screen and select with app drawer click ok scroll up its exact same replica of Poco launcher .

That is it for today’s update on MIUI 12, comment down below if you have any queries. Follow us to get the latest updates. Thank you.

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