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Marvel What If Episode 4 Download (Dual Audio) With Subtitles FilmyZilla, Filmywap, Torrent, Telegram, Isaidub, Mp4moviez, Filmymeet- It’s been an amazing experience watching Marvel What If till now and I hope marvel will not let us down in the upcoming episodes. What If episode 3 was fun and interesting to watch. Especially watching Nick Fury with those amazing fighting skills.

It’s always fun to reimagine stories. The flipped script was interesting especially because there are still mindsets that exist today which were stereotypical generations ago.

The voices by actors who played the roles in movies was a sweet touch.
Story line was full of action, integration of characters during time period was on point. Special effects and music kept rhythm of fight scenes.

It was a great way to enjoy eating lunch and keeping up with what’s new for Disney.

Can’t wait until the next episode.

What if episode 4 download

In the First two episode we have seen Peggy becoming Captain Carter, T’Challa becoming Starlord and in the Third episode which was more fun and flipped we see all the Avengers dying one after another before the formation of the Avengers Initiative.

Here’s a Full Review + Easter Eggs of Marvel What if Episode 3.

Marvel What If Episode 3 Review + Easter Eggs-

Marvel what if episode 3 video what if earth lost its mightiest heroes very much a nick fury episode.

About him trying attempting to form the avengers but it’s just going completely sideways hopefully he has a backup team which it kind of seems like he does there were a whole bunch of Easter eggs.

And careful for spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet we’ll be talking about everything I’ll number these as we go along talk about wtf moments Easter eggs.

Starting with the title what if earth lost its mightiest heroes so earth’s mightiest heroes is what the avengers were initially called in the comics it was just part of the title.

marvel even has an animated tv show mostly aimed at children that’s named that avengers earth’s mightiest heroes the 

whole loki subplot with the episode is actually incidental like if it wasn’t clear loki wasn’t 

secretly behind all this tom hiddleston did come back as loki and it was fun to hear him come back 

as this early marvel phase 1 version of loki from the events of the first thor film but during the 

episode it was loki mostly taking the easy layup just seeing an opportunity and taking it like oh 

well okay this seems easy why don’t i just conquer earth while i’m here turns out it’s way easier for 

him to conquer earth when the avengers aren’t around but the episode actually starts with 

the same what if intro narration from the watcher describing the nature of the multiverse how nexus 

events sudden choices can lead to the creation of many new alternate realities as we’re seeing play 

out across the what-if episodes we just got the spider-man no way home trailer everyone’s high 

on spider-man fumes right now i just did a couple videos for it during that spider-man teams up with 

doctor strange to derp the multiverse one more day style but during the what if series we’re 

actually going to see a version of spider-man who wields doctor strange’s cloak of levitation 

called zombie hunter spider-man obviously during the marvel zombies episode but they separate this 

episode into different sections just denoted by days of the week like the whole episode plays 

out over the course of a single week of the early marvel phase 1 movies of nick fury getting ready 

to go around and recruit all the avengers from their movies so we start on monday with nick fury 

giving his speech there was an idea that famous avengers speech in different characters including 

nick fury quote that same avengers speech several times throughout the episode it is samuel l 

jackson coming to do the voice of nick fury most of the marvel movie actors came back to do their 

voices there were a couple that were different and i’ll point them out black widow obviously is not 

scarlett johansson she didn’t come back to do the voice but it doesn’t have anything to do with the 

lawsuit that she’s in with disney right now over the black widow movie they recorded all this stuff 

a long time ago so scarlett did not come back to do black widow just because she didn’t want to 

come back like she’s done playing the character and that all happened long before she ever got 

into it with marvel over the prophets of her black widow it’s just a coincidence that that happened 

right as this is happening but they are picking up about midway through the plot of iron man 2 

with them actually going to the donut shop to have the conversation with tony stark to get him 

on the team although even at the end of iron man 2 when he’s looking at the avengers initiative file 

nick fury is still making it sound like no we don’t really want you on the team we just want 

you as a consultant but it does help you place this in the timeline and they’re trying to connect 

all these early marvel phase 1 movies iron man 2 incredible hulk in the first thor movie all saying 

that this is happening within the span of a single week the whole scene here from iron man 2 in the 

donut shop mostly plays out exactly the same their conversation until black widow doses him with 

the sedative and it winds up killing him so r.i.p iron man doesn’t this feel familiar the watcher’s 

narration speech talks about humanity being blind to the bigger picture it’s a very loki s 

speech something early loki would have said during marvel phase one and it is meant to foreshadow 

some of the stuff that happens with loki later in the episode but obviously hank pym is the 

person who’s behind all this as he reveals later but i do like the way they’re using the marvel 

characters the avengers characters the events the avengers movies to tell this murder story i don’t 

think that we’ve done a story like this in marvel before the closest we’ve gotten to stories like 

this of the captain america movies like winter soldier where they’re more like thrillers where 

you are trying to solve a mystery but that movie wasn’t specifically a murder mystery then the 

watcher narrates iron man’s backstory through the events of iron man 2 sets up the hulk storyline 

and this is marvel phase one remember so it’s mark ruffalo coming back to do the edward norton 

version of the incredible hulk movie which is surreal also thor’s arrival on earth the events 

of the first thor movie at least up to the point where he tries to take the hammer then they do 

this funny thing where he basically narrates the story of them coming together he narrates 

the plot of the crucible as he calls it of the first avengers movie them coming together them 

being forged as heroes becoming a team for the first time you even see the scene of the 

hulk thrashing loki they do the avengers assemble scene but then they do the record drop joke thing 

saying that well at least that’s how things played out in one universe a reference to the 

events of the infinity saga of movies the sacred timeline version of things the main mcu universe 

but then setting off this whole murder mystery where in this universe someone hank pym we find 

out goes around killing all the avengers before they can actually become avengers then the way 

they tell the story is sort of linear in the way that the marvel movies played out in the timeline 

so because the next thing that happened after this is you got the iron man 2 post-credits scene 

with thor’s hammer that’s the next scene that they jumped to and it is clark gregg coming back to do 

the voice of coulson for this he shows up in that post-credit scene moment finding thor’s hammer 

telling nick fury about it just as nick fury is arresting black widow or making it seem like he’s 

arresting her but they invoke a lot of energy from the captain america winter soldier movie where 

he feels like somebody inside the system is trying to sabotage this so he asked black widow to go 

rogue and find out what’s going on you notice that his crossbones and his crew who are arresting her 

they’re still hydra secretly at this point so then making a couple winter soldier references 

during this is very apropos there’s also a really big winter soldier connection to why hope died in 

odessa in why hank is now going around killing all the avengers revenge killing them i’ll point 

that out when we get to that part of the episode crossbones reference alexander pierce saying that 

he’s going to be questioning black widow back in new york alexander pierce also secretly a hydra 

agent inside shield they referenced the land a punch joke from the ant-man movie which is a hope 

reference also hope big part of the episode as well because it’s the whole reason why hank pym 

is going around killing everyone but the punch joke is also a bit of a wink at the black widow 

happy joke from iron man 2 thinking that she couldn’t fight because she was this model she 

was an assistant and her handing him his ass while crossbones is making all these references she’s 

busy knocking all the other shield agents out then they continue through the events of the first thor 

movie examining thor’s hammer hawkeye mentions vita radiation vita rays were what they bombarded 

captain america with to activate the super soldier serum in his body and captain carter now 

too because that was the same process then thor shows up to try and lift his hammer and just like 

before events play out the same as they did in the first thor movie up to the point where he tries to 

lay hands on the hammer coulson makes all kinds of jokes about thor being super good looking his hair 

being amazing hawkeye makes the same references too and then later coulson even sniffs his dead 

body on the table like hmm smells so good trying to get high on thor fumes but just as he tries to 

lay his hand on the hammer hawkeye’s arrow kills him hawkeye having no idea how it happened only 

that he did not fire the arrow himself and when nick fury goes to question him later in his closed 

cell finds that he’s dead obviously later we find out that it was hank pym going around using the 

yellowjacket suit to go super small and kill all them stealth nick fury references the avengers 

speech again when coulson says there wasn’t a whole lot connecting a billionaire ploy boy in an 

assassin do you have any ideas and it’s a bit of a twist on the line nick fury says there was an 

idea it takes him a little while in the episode to find out that it’s all the avengers recruits that 

are being targeted by hank pym but then because the events of the first thor movie were taking 

place almost concurrently with the events of the incredible hulk movie in the timeline at least 

they start cross-cutting between the events of the thor movie and the incredible hulk film with black 

widow showing up on campus to talk to betty ross about iron man’s death asking for betty’s help 

just finding evidence with the injector and then learning that bruce banner is sitting nearby they 

do the stan lee reference the stanley pizza from the incredible hulk film that was also the lou 

ferrigno cameo scene but it’s stanley pizza as in stan lee the comic book creator stan lee then 

out steps mark ruffalo as the incredible hulk so remember this is all supposed to be edward norton 

era hulk stuff so it’s super surreal watching this play out talk about alternate timelines then 

when colson is driving back with the coffees that’s actually a reference to the one shot 

a funny thing happened on the way to thor’s hammer if you remember the marvel one shots from early in 

marvel phase one and phase two it’s basically coulson just going stopping at a gas station 

to refill and then getting in this huge fight revealing that he’s a total badass even though 

he seemed like the most normal person ever so when he says he picked up a coffee for nick fury 

and he’s coming back from that that’s what just happened but just as he’s driving back you notice 

the silhouette of the watcher across the landscape watching everything unfold as he narrated during 

the episode and also as he drives back to the base to thor’s hammer loki shows up with the 

bifrost the entire asgardian army the warriors 3 and the destroyer ready to exact vengeance 

upon earth for thor’s death he gives the exact same speech from the early marvel phase 1 movies 

announcing himself in the most grand way possible but they play the cell phone joke with nick fury 

cutting him off interrupting him several times just taking the piss out of him a little bit 

it’s black widow calling him to tell him that they need help getting out because thunderbolt 

ross in the military have just rolled up and it’s the same version of that scene from the incredible 

hulk where he hulks out bursting through the glass walkway then in order to get the hulk 

hank pym makes it seem like one of thunderbolt ross’s men shoots him purposefully causing him 

to hulk out then because this is all happening at the same time they cross cut between loki 

opening up on nick fury with the cask of ancient winters in hulk destroying everything on site the 

scene of loki using the cask of ancient winters is also very reminiscent almost the exact same 

scene of his father loffy doing it in the opening flashback scene of the first thor movie when he 

was attacking humans living in that townsburg norway village that was also the same village 

where they kept the test rack later in the same town where odin died on the cliffs and the same 

town where they built new asgard we’ll go back there during thor love and thunder but while 

hulk is busy smashing the hell out of thunderbolt ross’s men in all of his equipment just as betty 

is about to defuse the situation hank pym uses his pym particles to blow hulk up from the inside 

out killing the supposedly unkillable hulk if you thought it was weird why so many characters talked 

about the hulk being unkillable in the episode that was why they were setting this big twist up 

then nick fury makes his bargain with loki to team up and find out who’s killing everyone 

loki threatens to turn earth midgard into another version of jodenheim basically if he doesn’t find 

the killer cover the entire planet in ice they have that funny joke with black widow getting 

colson’s password and it’s just a big love letter to captain america like it’s a bunch of captain 

americas then0704 is a reference to july 4th which was steve rogers captain america’s birthday 

she then makes the connection to hope van dyne because in this reality hope van dyne became 

a shield agent so there’s files on her just as hank pym shows up to kill her going super small 

to increase his strength then just as nick fury is figuring things out piecing things together 

coulson makes the connection that he is the next target because he’s part of the avengers 

initiative like your name is on this list too but when he says he’s not the only avengers left 

that’s obviously setting up the big captain marvel twist he pulls out her souped-up space pager 

from the captain marvel movie and even though coulson was in that movie as a younger rookie 

agent version of coulson nick fury never told him about the pager which is why he’s asking about it 

here like what is that a beeper is this from the 90s what’s going on the other callback with the 

avengers initiative was is that the name avenger was captain marvel’s call sign so he got the idea 

for the avengers initiative to protect earth in case of a threat from outer space came because 

of what happened with the cree when he mentions the deal with the devil that’s because of loki’s 

horns he has devil-like horns and because he was a villain in the first avengers movie annie’s kind 

of a villain during this episode conquering earth effectively only with the tiniest bit of bloodshed 

this time love nick fury versus the destroyer too when he shows up to tell loki about his plan 

asking for his help to deceive hank pym so they can take him down you got a name soldier and then 

they cut to hope’s gravestone in san francisco with hank pym showing up in the yellowjacket suit 

just looking like the darkest timeline version of himself he explains everything why he killed all 

the avengers recruits because he wanted payback against shield and nick fury for hope’s death 

thinking that they were responsible and it is michael douglas coming back to do the voice of the 

character there’s a couple reasons why he’s in the yellowjacket suit this is a reference to a couple 

big comic book things the yellowjacket version of hank pym in the comics was the persona he was 

using the name he was going by during the era when he went really off the rails and became kind of a 

villain in the comics when you hear about hank pym being a super big being abusive to janet van dyne 

physically abusing her in the comics that was when he was yellowjacket they made a couple references 

to that in the mcu movies but they played it kind of light they talk about his temper quote-unquote 

that’s a reference to comic book hank pym in the mcu context of things the yellowjacket suit was 

supposed to be the next level most advanced version of the suit the only reason why they 

weren’t using it in the first ant-man movie is because he left his own company so they explained 

that hope van dyne died on a mission in odessa ukraine in this reality she’d become a shield 

agent but the odessa connection to winter soldier is that this was a black widow mission that was 

intercepted by winter soldier so this is the captain america winter soldier movie connection 

because the odessa mission was referenced by black widow during the winter soldier movie 

so there was a mission that black widow went on in the late 2000s before the events of what’s 

happening right here where her convoy was attacked by the winter soldier she survived with a gunshot 

wound to the chest but the engineer who was with her died in the normal marvel movie timeline of 

events the main mcu universe the person was just a nameless engineer a nobody but in this reality 

they’re basically saying that that engineer that died was hope van dyne he then also blamed shield 

and fury for the death of his wife janet van dyne because at this point he has not learned 

that janet got stuck in the quantum realm and is still alive there’s actually a trailer shot from 

some of the what-if trailers with someone stuck in the quantum realm so that could wind up being 

a version of hope or a version of janet then he gets his ass handed to him by nick fury who is in 

fact really loki just disguised as nick fury loki has a measure of super strength all asgardians 

all frost giants do heighten speed as well which is why he’s able to punch the crap out of hank pym 

even when he goes tiny and jump over him without breaking his sweat like wow you’re pretty spry for 

a guy with a corner office true to loki fashion he continues to taunt him he’s actually pretty 

nasty about it too using his magic and illusions just to mess with hank pym and it’s the same loki 

joke from the first avengers movie just making a ton of copies of himself he does calm down a 

little bit when nick fury explains things to him like they actually did care about hope they will 

remember and honor her memory as the asgardians are carting him off to presumably execute him for 

thor’s death then the funny thing here about loki conquering earth like the big twist on the first 

avengers movie is that loki just gets the idea to conquer earth through diplomacy in the threat of 

annihilation like he just sees an opportunity like an easy layup and he takes it like oh 

you know while i’m here why don’t i just stay for a little while like earth without the avengers 

and at least without captain marvel as far as we know has zero chance against the forces of 

asgard so when they show the united nations scene of him giving his speech from the first avengers 

movie it’s implied that all the nations of earth just reluctantly agreed to his terms 

to take marching orders from him from now on and he gives a twist on that same speech you were made 

to be ruled from the first avengers movie they did another really nice twist on that during loki 

episode 1 but it was obviously a very different context and as nick fury and coulson mourn the 

avengers nick fury implies that he will find new heroes like this was an idea but these weren’t the 

only avengers out there then it cuts to him inside the ship in the ice wiping off captain america’s 

shield just as captain marvel shows up because at this point in the timeline of the marvel movies 

they were just about to find captain america unthaw him and then recruit him to the avengers 

so now nick fury has two captains and in this reality because it’s the star on the shield in 

the ship in the ice it’s the normal steve rogers captain america not the captain carter version 

overall i’ll say it’s an okay episode it was fun to see them do a legit avengers story and there 

will be more of that in the future episodes like as we go along in the episodes they’ll continue 

to get crazier and crazier and bigger and bigger what if episode 4 I believe is supposed to be the 

doctor strange episode where we get a version of his origin story but he winds up becoming super 

dark version of doctor strange i know there are a lot of people that were watching the spider-man no 

home trailer and doctor strange seemed kind of different during that he was acting a little bit 

strange so people were wondering if maybe he’s a darker version of the character or if there’s .

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What If…? is an upcoming American animated anthology series created by A.C. Bradley for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. It is intended to be the fourth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) produced by Marvel Studios, and the studio’s first animated series. The series explores alternate timelines in the multiverse that show what would happen if major moments from the MCU films occurred differently. Bradley serves as head writer with Bryan Andrews directing.

Jeffrey Wright stars as the Watcher, who narrates the series, alongside many MCU film actors reprising their roles. By September 2018, Marvel Studios was developing a number of series for Disney+, with Bradley and Andrews joining by the end of 2018. The series was officially announced in April 2019. Marvel Studios’ head of visual development Ryan Meandering helped define the series’ cel-shaded animation style, which was designed to reflect the films and take inspiration from classic American illustrators. Animation for the first season is provided by Squeeze, Flying Bark Productions, and Blue Spirit, with Stephan Franck as head of animation.


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