Hawkeye Episode 3 Review, story and things you missed

Hawkeye Episode 3- Hawkeye premiered it’s episode 1 and episode 2, after having watched, most of the first two episodes, I can say, I’m impressed and optimistic about its future, and this is coming from someone who’s increasingly found Marvel and DC productions repetitive copy pastes reliant on a fairly ageing blueprint.

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I can’t profess to have watched all of the Marvel Disney+ miniseries, but this does match up well to, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and what little of What If I got through (I still have yet to sit down and binge Wandavision as I got my subscription post its release).

This show has some of what some of the recent Marvel entries had somehow missed, effortless fun and humour.

The casting is excellent, one couldn’t find a better adition to the MCU roster and as Hailee Steinfeld as she’s always looked like a Marvel character just waiting for an appropriate role to open up, and to top that off, her character in Kate Bishop meshes well with Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton.

I initially was apprehensive regarding the Christmas theme, coz at the best of times I avoid such, but so far, at least it hasn’t interfered with the plot and has only added to the direction. So far so good with the pacing, but I have to point out we’re only two episodes in.

This said we’ve had more to work with than with the first two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is a + in my books This show gets a tentative 5 out of five (I say tentative, coz it’s two out of a possible 6, so anything can happen between now and the finale), for casting success, pacing success, and and an initial good first impression which I suspect will stay with me throughout.

This for me is the strongest opening episodes of any Marvel Miniseries I’ve yet watched.

Hawkeye Episode 1 and 2 Review

The biggest problem with the first two episodes of Hawkeye is that the show seems to wander too much and there is no clear idea of ​​what’s really going on. In the first two episodes, the pace seems to be rather slow, but there is a chance that something interesting will appear as new characters appear and the pieces of the puzzle begin to unfold. 

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Although the show is called Hawkeye, it is clearly the first Kate Bishop story and the second Clint story. The first episode of Never Meet Your Heroes establishes that this is primarily Kate’s story.

He focuses on it from the start, with a prologue that offers a unique ground-level (or attic) perspective of the Battle of New York. This sequence not only fills in Kate’s backstory; makes Hawkeye look cool. The beginning of “Hawkeye” is brilliant; which depicts young Kate living in a New York apartment with her parents in the midst of the Battle of New York. 

She sees a normal human rescuing her and fighting aliens with a bow and arrow, and is inspired to do the same. The loss of her father prompts her to try to protect people and be the same as the hero who saved her.

This all leads to her fatal meeting with Clint at the end of the episode. As a pilot, he gets all the details involved and he enjoys it, but it doesn’t really feel like a Hawkeye spectacle.

The second episode, “Hide and Seek,” splits time better between the two main characters and gives Clint more time to prove himself. The second episode is a real showcase of their relationship as they begin to get to know each other.

So far, the show has a strange energy of the couple, especially in the second episode (Hide and Seek), as the first (Never Meet Your Heroes) separates them until the last second. After all, the dynamic duo just met at the end of Episode 1, and it’s more fun when they play against each other. 

But more on the second episode in my next review, which I’m going to post tomorrow. I am also late with a review of Episode 4 of The Wheel of Time, which I will also try to publish tomorrow. Episode 3 will air on December 1st and I will be repeating / reviewing each subsequent episode weekly here on this blog.

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