Edit Professional PUBG Montage on Android/iOS- Best Free Video Editors 2020

Are you tying to find a good free video editor? I have used a lot of Video editor on Android and iOS and today I will share the best Video Editing software’s that you can use to edit you Montage or videos.

Yes, it is possible to Edit Professional PUBG and Gaming montages on Android and iOS devices.
In this Article I will share about the best Video Editor used by professional mobile Video Editors

I made one PUBG montage using my android phone and I will show you that at the end.

You can create Montage like Scout or Manu India on your android/iOS device with these free video editors.

Let’s get to our first and most used editor KineMaster

KineMaster- Video Editor

KineMaster is a Free Video editor and it is very easy to use.
KineMaster has won the Editors’ Favorite Video Editing App of the Year by winning a prize by the Google Play Store.

Vide editor
Image: Kinemaster

If you want to learn KineMaster, There are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube and I personally learned KineMaster from YouTube.

What are the Features of KineMaster?

  • Multiple layers of video, images, stickers, text, handwriting video clips
  • No Watermarks (In Premium Version)
  • Support All versions
  • Instant preview anytime
  • Hue, brightness and saturation controls
  • Speed control for videos
  • Fade in/fade out sound 
  • Volume envelope 
  • Transition effects 

There are a lot of Mobile Video Editors on YouTube and they use KineMaster most of the time to Edit their Montages.

Make incredible videos on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook! KineMaster is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editor loaded with powerful tools.
KineMaster and all of its editing tools are free to use, but you can unlock even more with KineMaster Premium.
Edit and share all your videos with KineMaster!

Feature Highlights

• Add and combine multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting
• Color adjustment tools to correct and enhance videos and images
• Share on YouTube, Facebook Feed and Stories, Instagram Feed, Stories, and more!
• Reverse your videos
• Blending modes to create startling, beautiful effects
• Add voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sound effects
• Editing tools to trim, splice, and crop your video
• The KineMaster Asset Store provides music, clip graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions, and more to enhance your video, updated weekly
• Speed control for time lapse and slow motion effects
• EQ presets, ducking, and volume envelope tools for immersive audio
• Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers
• Export 4K 2160p video at 30FPS
• Apply different color filters to make your video stand out
• Many, many more features, options, and settings!

When you subscribe to KineMaster Premium, you remove the watermark and ads, unlock professional tool presets, and get access to over a thousand premium assets in the KineMaster Asset Store.
Subscribe to KineMaster today Premium within the app!

KineMaster is the Editors’ Choice!
Find out why creators love KineMaster for YouTube, and Instagram and why journalists, educators, marketers, and vloggers use it professionally!
Download KineMaster to create, edit, and share your own amazing videos!

Alight MotionVideo and Animation Editor

Vide editor
Image: bloggindia

Alight Motion is a pro-motion graphics tool that lets you achieve professional-level of video editing.

You might have heard of Adobe Premiere Pro. One of the most popular video Editors.

Premiere Pro is a paid video editing software available for Windows and MacOS.

Alight Motion is just like Adobe Premiere Pro, you can add amazing animations, transitions, effects, overlays in your Videos using Alight Motion.

Be part of the movement! Alight Motion, is the first pro motion graphics app for your smartphone, bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video compositing.

• Multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio
• Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics right on your phone!)
• Visual effects and color correction
• Keyframe animation available for all settings
• Animating easing for more fluid motion: Pick from presets or build your own timing curves
• Velocity-based motion blur
• Export MP4 video or GIF animation
• Solid color and gradient fill effects
• Border and shadow effects
• Group layers together
• Save your favorite elements for easy re-use in future projects

Alight Motion is free to use with basic features and a watermark on videos you create.

Scribbl- Scribble Animation Effect(Video & Pics)

video editor
Image: Bloggindia

As the name says, you can add those amazing blotter-media effects in your videos.

The glowing lines that goes around the character can be made using Scribble.

You can edit every single frame of you video in Scribbl.

Doodle and Scribble Animations over your Videos.
Draw on your videos and use the inbuilt tools to add scribble animations to your videos easily.
Forget the complexity involved in creating a scribble animation video in After Effects. With easy to use features and a simplified timeline along with the variety of brush and path effects Scribbl makes video animations simpler, faster and fun.
This feature is currently in Beta, and we are working hard to improve it and add new features based on your feedback.

Add Animations to your pics for Free
Scribbl is an animation maker which allows you to draw animations on your images to achieve the Scribble Animation effect.

We’ve simplified the process of animating your images, forget drawing frame by frame, you can easily create an awesome effect just by drawing over your picture once.

Lots of Free Animation Effects
Scribbl gives you a wide variety of tools and lets you decide which animations you want on your videos and photos.

With different animation effects you have all the control on what effect you want on your pics or how you draw and setup your scene per frame on the video of your choice.

Don’t like an effect you’ve drawn?
No problem, just choose the path in the layers option and edit it without drawing it all over again!

Create glow Animations along with other Art Brush options
Scribbl gives you the option to customize your art brush. Play around with different sizes and styles.
Scribbl also has the cool feature of adding glow animation to achieve that awesome neon sign or lightning effect.

Spice up your videos/photos with amazing Scribble animations and effects
Once you’re done drawing your animation, you can export it in Full HD quality for your social media posts.
Forget boring static images or videos without that extra flair for your Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram stories and posts, download Scribbl now and show off your creative side to the world with crazy animations!

These are the three best video editor that you can use to edit your PUBG mobile montages or presentation videos on your Android device.

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