Earning FREE UC in PUBG MOBILE is not a very big deal, you can easily earn FREE UC in PUBG Mobile with your Gaming skills or by using some part of your brain :D. I personally earned almost 700 FREE UC by these ways and got myself. In this article I will be sharing 4 Best, Easy and Secret ways to Earn Free UC in PUBG MOBILE and get a FREE ROYAL PASS SEASON 16.

4 ways to Earn FREE UC in PUBG MOBILE-

I am not saying that you will get 100s of UC in some Minutes, you need to invest your time to earn UC. There are a lot of fake sites and articles, applications that you might have visited or used once. This is something Genuine with all the proofs added (personal screenshots).

Let’s get to our very first way to earn FREE UC in PUBG Mobile.

Google Opinion Rewards-

Google Opinion rewards is an official application developed by Google and it’s free to use. In this application all you have to do is Sign Up with your existing Google account and start answering surveys.
You can get any amount of money by answering a survey (up to $1).

You can use the money only to buy Google Paid apps or in any in-game purchase application like Subscriptions, UCs, Diamonds, or anything that is on Google Play Store.

I personally earned 900+ RS ($10) in this application and I used the money to buy UC and Prime Membership in PUBG Mobile for free.

The surveys are short, it hardly takes a minute to complete a survey.

I am giving you the proofs, my current balance, my total money earned and my purchased apps and UCs.

Free uc in PUBg Mobile
Image: BloggIndia

As you can see my current balance and where I spend all the money I earned in this application.

I purchased icon packs, prime membership in PUBG, UC in PUBG all of them for FREE.

Google opinion rewards is a genuine application and one of the best way to earn money and get PUBG UC for free.

Tip– Turn on your GPS to get location based surveys and if you use a lot of google apps like YouTube or keep downloading and trying new applications, you will get surveys more often.

RozDhan App-

Rozdhan is an amazing application to earn real money. You can easily withdraw the earned money in your PayTm Account.

You can read articles, share articles, play games without investment to get coins and the coins will be later converted to real money.

Also you can invite your friends to get a big amount of money.

For now there is a Diwali Event going on this app. You will get 80RS ($1) for every friend you invite.

You can watch video Ads to earn more money. All you have to invest is your time in this application.

I downloaded this application and earned 279RS in 3 days. I withdrawn 200RS successfully in my PAYTM Wallet.

Here’s my current balance in this application-

You can easily earn money in this application and use those to Buy Free Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile Season 16 or Free UCs in PUBG.

Download the Application Here-

RozDhan App Direct download link

Bonus Challenge-

Bonus Challenge is one of the most popular Free ways to Get Free PUBG UC. Most of the users know about Bonus Challenge but for the people who don’t know what Bonus Challenge is, this is for you.

PUBG has a option named ‘Bonus Challenge’. You will get free vouchers every week in your Weekly report. Collect the free vouchers and go to Bonus Challenge, play Matches or TDMs, Win matches and earn Bonus points.

Also, if you didn’t win you will get bonus points according to your position and Kills in Classic match and Kills in TDM match.

Try to get more kills and win TDM match.

If you have good skills you can easily earn bonus points and redeem UCs for Free.

you can play with your friends also, so make sure to have a good team and win the game to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile.

I Redeemed 200UC by playing Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile.

free uc in pubg mobile, free royal pass in pubg mobile bonus challenge
Image: BloggIndia

Play Custom Rooms-

There are a lot of streamers doing custom rooms to giveaway UC to the winners. Just open up YouTube Application and search “Free UC Custom Rooms” Join the room with your squad and win the game.

They will instantly add UC in your account.

This is a trusted method I personally tried. One of my friend wanted Royal Pass, so we started doing this as an experiment and we played a lot of Custom Rooms and in 4 Days we collected 700UC FREE in PUBG MOBILE.

All we invested is time and skills. Playing those Rooms also improved our skills.

Also you can join free UC Tournaments or Free Royal Pass Tournaments to get Free UC and RP in PUBG Mobile.

free uc in pubg mobile, free royal pass in pubg mobile giveaway
Image: Youtube

These were some of the best, personally tried ways to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. Now you have to invest your time and skills to earn those UC.

I am also goon going to giveaway Free Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile Season 16, so stay tuned.

Share this article with your squad and friends.

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