Why #FirstSalary is Trending on Twitter, Funny #FirstSalary Memes shared by people

Today Morning I woke up, opened up my Twitter and saw people sharing their First Salary with #firstsalary and I thought why is #firstsalary trending on Twitter. I thought this may end in few hours. Now I opened my Twitter and again I saw more 10K tweets on #FirstSalary. I started researching on this and finally I found the answer why #FirstSalary is Trending on Twitter?

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After searching I found someone randomly asked people to share how much their First Salary was and people starting answering to that question with #FirstSalary. This random question become so big that it went viral on twitter.

Now people are sharing their First Salary and some people are making hilarious Memes on #FirstSalary.

This thing happened in 2019 also, a random thread was created asking people their first salary and it went viral on the Internet.

I think someone repeated this on Twitter this Year.

Many big celebrities, sportsmen, gamers, politicians are also sharing their First Salary Details with #FirstSalary.

Here are some Hilarious #FirstSalary Memes (tweets) shared on twitter-

This one is for the people who still haven’t earned their first income (including me too) ๐Ÿ˜€

If Dad sees this trend on twitter-

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Thank you for Reading and let me know your opinions on this trend.

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