Download Redmi Note 8 Global Stable MIUI 12 Update- Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12 Update is here

Download Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12 Update- MIUI 12 Update is still under testing phase for Redmi Note 8. Global users are waiting for the MIUI 12 Update release for Redmi Note 8.

However, the update Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12 update is released in china and users are waiting from a very long time as the global update for redmi note 8 MIUI 12 is getting delayed.

The wait is over!

If you are a Redmi Note 8 user and want to get your hands on the new MIUI 12 update, you can download it from here.

The MIUI 12 Stable update for Redmi Note 8 is available on the Internet and I found the Global download link for the update.

redmi note 8 miui 12 update
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All you need to do is flash the update manually if you really want to use the latest MIUI 12 in your Redmi Note 8.

Don’t know how to flash?

You will find the Global MIUI 12 Update download link for Redmi Note 8 and the steps to flash MIUI 12 in Redmi note 8 Here.

How to download MIUI 12 Stable Update for Redmi Note 8?

It’s easy,

Just click on the link below and download the files in your pc or phone.

Download MIUI 12 Stable update for Redmi Note 8 Here

How to Flash MIUI 12 Stable Update in Redmi Note 8?

Flashing Instructions for Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12 Update

Note that these are generic flashing instructions that should generally be applicable across Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices. However, there is a possibility that there is a variation that is unique to your device, so we strongly advise visiting your device forums for device-specific instructions.

Recovery ROM Installation for MIUI 12

Recovery ROMs come with a .zip file extension and can be installed either through the Local Update method from within MIUI, or through the Xiaomi stock recovery. You can also use a custom recovery like TWRP for installing these ROMs, though do note that device-specific instructions may differ in that case.

  1. Local Update method:
    • Transfer the download .zip file to your phone, and ensure you place the file in the “downloaded_rom” folder in the internal storage of your device. If no such folder exists, create one in your internal storage base directory.
    • Within your phone, navigate to Settings > About Phone > System Update, and then press the three-dot icon in the top-right corner, and select “Choose Update Package”.
    • If the “Choose Update Package” option is missing, tap on the MIUI logo 10 times to activate the option.
    • Choose the downloaded .zip file.
    • Wait for the update to install.
  2. Recovery method:
    • Rename the downloaded .zip file to and transfer it to the base directory of your phone’s internal storage.
    • Reboot your phone into recovery mode by powering it off and then pressing both the Power and the Volume Up buttons together.
    • Scroll to the “Install” option using the volume keys, and select the option using the power button.
    • Wait for the update to install.
    • Choose the “Reboot” option if your phone does not reboot by itself after installation is completed.

This is how you can flash the Redmi note 8 MIUI 12 Stable Update.

NOTE: Before Flashing the phone, Please take a back up of your files and Current ROM.

Fastboot ROMs come with a .tgz file extension and require a Windows computer for the installation, as well as a phone with an unlocked bootloader. However, despite being comparatively more complicated to install than Recovery ROMs, Fastboot ROMs are sometimes the only way to boot into a working system. For instructions on unlocking the bootloader of your phone, check your device’s subforums on XDA.

  • Download MiFlash Tool on your Windows computer. It is also advisable to have ADB and Fastboot installed, just in case you need it.
  • Reboot your phone into Download mode by powering it off and then pressing both the Power and Volume Down buttons together.
  • Connect your phone to the computer using the appropriate USB cable.
  • Download the Fastboot ROM .tgz file and extract it. Remember the extract location, as you will need to paste the address into MiFlash Tool.
  • Run MiFlash Tool on your Windows Computer and in the address bar within the tool, paste the extract location from Step 4.
  • Click “Refresh” within MiFlash and the app should automatically recognize your device.
  • Click “Run” within MiFlash to flash the ROM file to the device.
  • The progress bar within MiFlash will turn green, which indicates that the ROM was successfully installed. Your device should boot automatically to the new version.

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I hope this will help you to get the latest MIUI 12 update in your Redmi Note 8.

If you are unable to download the ROM, follow us on telegram we will provide you the direct download link there-

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