CarryMinati Breaks Rumors about Big Boss and Relation with Avneet Kaur

Recently, a lot of articles were going viral on the Internet related to CarryMinati, his relationship with Avneet Kaur and his entry in Big Boss 14.

Rumors say that ‘ CarryMinati is in secret relationship with actress Avneet Kaut.

Avneet Kaur is an Indian actress known for playing the role of Yasmeen in Aladdin and many other TV shows.

Ajey Nagar, Also known as CarryMinati is an famous Indian Youtuber with over 25 Million Subscribers on his Main channel (CarryMinati) and 7.5 Million Subscribers on his gaming channel (Carryislive).

CarryMinati is very popular in India among the teenagers, he is a Roaster and a Rapper.

His songs like BYE PEWDIEPIE and ZINDAGI are very popular and loved by audience.

carryminati big boss 14
Carryminati Instagram

Breaking the Rumors-

On 16th September 2020, CarryMinati came live on his second channel (Carryislive) to stream games as usual he does.

After the news went Viral on the Internet Viewers started asking him questions about his relationship and Big Boss 14.

For next few Minutes,

CarryMinati was playing with the viewers by saying that yes, it is true, his is in Big Boss and he is using a green screen for streaming in Big Boss house.

After some time most of the people understood his Sarcasm and later on CarryMinati by himself clears that he is not going anywhere.

Carry will be staying at home and not taking part in Big Boss 14.

Later on the other day,

CarryMinati clears things about his relationship and says “He is not dating anyone for now,

he will be focusing on his Channel”.

Carryminati avneet kaur
Carryminati and Avneet Kaur Instagram

Big Boss 14 offered CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam to be on the Show

Bhuvan Bam also known as BB KI VINES and CarryMinati got offer from Big Boss many times but they rejected the offer.

Why Big Boss is offering Youtubers?

The number of Internet users are increasing every day.

A lot of audience are now following real talents like CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam and other Youtubers.

A lot of advertising companies are now trying to advertise on Youtube.

companies collaborate with the Youtubers to get greater Audience.

CarryMinati recently roasted a famous Tik Toker Amir Siddiqui after Amir posts a Video related to Tik Tok Vs YouTube.

This Tik Tok vs Youtube Controversy was getting bigger every day and to end this controversy Carry roasts Amir just for some fun.

The video went Viral on Youtube and it broke many Records all around the World.

Later on, the video was taken down by Youtube because of some policy violations ( that I don’t think is true) but in few hours of publishing the video created new records on Youtube.

CarryMinati became more popular on the Internet and the video was loved all over the World.

So just because of this amazing Popularity shows like Big Boss are offering these YouTubers to be on the show to get more attention by the Audience.

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