Bike Parcel in Train – How to Parcel Bike in Train, Train Parcel Charges

Bike Parcel in Train – How to Parcel Bike in Train, Train Parcel Charges, Indian Railway Bike parcel charges calculator. Sending bike from one city to another is very easy in India if only you know about the Indian railway parcel and luggage services. Most of the people think that it may be very costly or not safe but NO! It’s not costly, it’s cheap and safe if you pack your bike properly. I came across this problem of taking bike a months ago and I wasn’t aware of the process.

When I searched on the Internet, I didn’t find a proper solution to the answer and so I through this post I want to share my experiece and what I did to take my by from Mumbai to Gorakhpur safetly and at a cheap cost.

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How to Parcel Bike in Train?

There are two ways of sending your bike from one city to another and I will tell you about both the options, which one is best for you and what are the cons?

  1. Luggage bike parcel service in Train
  2. Parcel bike parcel serive in Train

Let’s talk about the first way that is Luggage bike in Train.

You might have seen one Luggage boogie in every Mail train. If you are worried about sending your bike through parcel service and you want to take your bike with yourself in the express. You can choose the luggage bike service.

In this, Your bike will be sent to your destination city with you in the same train you are travelling.

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All you need is a confirm ticket of the Train you are travelling and follow the below steps:

Bike luggage service

  1. Go to the railway luggage booking office a day or two days before your travelling date. Ask about all the possibilities of carrying your bike as luggage.
  2. If you are booking the bike as luggage, carry two or three copies of important document with yourself.
  3. Take the luggage booking form and fill all the details as mentioned and pay the luggage charges as given to you. (Luggage charges depends on the weight of bike mostly)
  4. Get you bike packed by a packer and tell him to pack it properly and make sure before you get your bike packed, remove the parts that are likely to break. for example Mirrors, indicators and parts like these that you think can break.
  5. Now after getting everthing thing done, remove petrol from your bike and after that you can tell the packer to pack your bike. You can pay extra to bubble wrap the head of your bike.
  6. After the bike packing is done, book the bike as luggage and carry the receipt with you. Keep the receipt very safe and don’t loose it.
  7. If you want, you can go with the loaders to make sure that your bike is loaded properly in the train you are travelling.

Advantages of Luggage– You can easily pick the vehicle as soon as you reach the destination city.

Disadvantages of Luggage– It costs 25% more compared to parcel delivery service in railway.

After reaching the destination city, you can go to the luggage office, show the receipt and take your bike easily with yourself.

Now let’s talk about the second method of sending bike from one city to another by Parcel bike service in Railway.

You all know what parcel is, so railway bike parcel service works the same. The bike will be sent as parcel by train and reach the destination on time or before the mentioned time. Person with the recepit can collect the bike from office easily.

To send your bike through parcel bike service in railway, follow the steps below:

Bike parcel service

  1. Visit the bike parcel railway office and fill the form properly.
  2. Remove all the parts of bike that you think can break and keep it on the bike. Make sure to remove petrol from the bike, after that get your bike packed by the packers.
  3. Fill the parcel booking form, write the engine and chassis number. Collect the parcel booking receipt and keep it safe.
  4. Make sure to mark your bike with a marker or write the recepit number on the package to easily identify your bike.
  5. It will be decided by the Railway authorities through which train they want to transport your bike, sometimes it take time and if you are lucky enough it will be transported shortly.
  6. You can enquire about the transition date from the office and track your bike through railway parcel tracking website
  7. You can collect your bike anytime upto 48hours after the bike has reached the warehouse of destination. Make sure to carry the recepit with yourself.
  8. While collecting you will be asked for extra charges so do carry some money.

Bike Packing Charges-

Packing is one of the most important part of sending your bike from one city to another. If your bike is not packed properly, parts can break. Packing is done by packers, you can find one easily near the railway station.

Packers charge you from 300Rs to 1000Rs, depending on the type of packing you want.

The cheapest method of packing will cost you around 300Rs and the Medium method of packing will cost you around 500-600Rs and the safest method of packing will cost you around 800-1000Rs. You can bargain with them a little.

If you get your bike packed properly, believe me you will be very happy after you receive your bike in the other city and if the packing is not done properly, you will regret it.

The booking time for railway parcel service is 10A.M to 5P.M and booking time for railway luggage service is 24/7.

What happens if my bike is lost?

Railway will pay you the amount of money you mentioned in the form, don’t worry about loosing it.

Can I take or send bike which is not registered on my name?

Yes, you can! All you need is valid papers of bike.

Thank you for visiting this article, If you have any questions you can ask in the comments and I will reply you.

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