AI Sky replacement tool- How to Download and Install in Photoshop 2020

Adobe Photoshop is going to introduce a very powerful tool ‘AI Sky Replacement‘ for their users.
With the help of AI sky replacement tool, you can easily edit the sky in your photos and replace it easily with in very few steps.

As of now replacing sky in photoshop is a pretty good amount of work.

Here’s How to change sky in Photoshop with layers and masks-

First you need to select the subject(character or anything) and then separate the background.
After that you have to select the sky and then replace it with a new one.
Then merge all the layers and color match the sky and highlights with the ground and character.
Also, you can do this by selecting the subject, creating a mask and painting the sky.
There are a lot more ways to do the sky replacement in photoshop.

Now with the new AI powered Sky Replacement photoshop tool you can easily replace the sky and add a new one with tons of choices.
The powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool will automatically detect the sky and then all you have to do is add a new sky in one simple click.

Here’s a sneak peek of the photoshop AI Sky replacement tool-

Video source Photoshop Youtube

The AI sky replacement tool will automatically adjust the highlights, shadows, colors, tones and warmth levels of your photos.

This tool is going to be very helpful for all the social-media influencers especially for Instagram Models.
They can add a new and amazing touch up to their travel photoshoots.

You can load in a number of dramatic preset skies, and the algorithms will automatically tweak the photo.

AI Sky replacement tool
Image source unsplash

Adobe isn’t the first company to offer this sort of tool.
AI-powered picture editor Luminar has offered one-click sky replacement since last year.
However, this new adobe tool has claimed to be also enhancing the image with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
But it is the latest example of Adobe enhancing its premier picture editor with the help of machine learning.

We all are excited about this new photoshop Sky replacement tool. Adobe didn’t say when this new feature would be added to Photoshop

Till then you can use the AI-powered editor of Luminar.

As soon as the AI Sky replacement feature of photoshop launches we’ll be the first one to tell you how you can install that tool in photoshop.

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