5 Secrets to dress well for Indian men, Best Dressing Styles

What’s going on, everybody. 5 secrets to dress well for Indian men.
Now a lot of people might get angry that why am I putting these types of articles on this Blog?
But what you guys need to know is BloggIndia has never just been about news or technology articles.
If you’ve been following me long enough I believe in adding value to the People’s lives and non teaching people about Technology.
The one idea that I want to promote is that as a guide for your own long-term happiness you need to be confident.
A big part of being confident is being able to dress well.
Especially in India people in our country especially the guys don’t know much about fashion when it’s actually just about a few simple steps.

So in today’s article I am giving you Top 5 secrets to dress well for men in India.
let’s go to one of the 5 secrets to dress well..

1. Shoes

You can’t talk about men’s fashion unless you talk about shoes.

Shoes absolutely complete all your outfit and unfortunately in a lot of cases what Indian guys ignore.

They think okay, I am wearing a good T-shirt and good Pants and they don’t really bother about their shoes with that combination.

What you need to know is that shoes complete your outfit and the number one mistake Indian guys make is that they either go for sports shoes or bulky shoes like this with every single outfit they wear-

Image source Youtube

For party you cannot wear these shoes and these shoes don’t make you look manly with the mistake the lot of school kids in college students make,

I made the mistake too, you think yeah! These shoes make me look amazing but it’s not like that
If you really want to look classy always go for flat sole shoes.

A great man once said that ‘You can tell a lot about a man through the shoes that he wears’.

When we are talking about flat sole shoes, it kind of gives off a vibe that you’re comfortable with.
Your own height, your own look and most importantly your own selection of fashion.

That’s why if you are an Indian guy new to this world of fashion start getting into loafers and they aren’t very expensive ranging from 200 to 1000 rupees and it will last you about 20-30 wears which is the pretty good price in my opinion,

More importantly, when we are talking about shoes there’s a few things that you need to learn.
Shoes completely change the look of an outfit.

Black T-shirt on blue jeans with these black canvas shoes gives out a casual look but if you wear these same outfits with manly boots it adds up to a manly factor.

5 secretes to dress well in India
Image source from Pinterest

Once again check out these boots, they got a relatively flat sole with just a bit of  a heel.

Image source eye4style

That’s how you do manly correct and not with those sporty and bulky shoes.

Color Combinations and Clothing Combinations-

As a Guy your number one fashion rule in life has to be to learn combinations.

2. Color Combinations

Now take a look at this image,
this is just a pair of regular dark blue jeans and we got a simple black t-shirt,

Best dressing styles
Image source pinterest

One of the most common most classic combinations is that you can’t go wrong with these colours You need to remember this Classic combination of black T shirt blue jeans or a white shirt and blue jeans that’s another classic combination.

There are thousands of combinations like this and you need to educate yourself.

Start reading more about men’s fashion, color combinations, start reading about Classic men’s dressing.

Wearing a suit, that’s another classic style of men’s dressing.

But let’s talk about a Little bit about colour combinations-

The number one way to figure out color combinations for yourself is Google that is how I taught myself and I recommend every single guy reading this.

If you want to figure out whether a blue T-shirt goes with grey pants just google it the answer is yes it does!
Because these colors compliment each other.

But what you need to understand is that the more you experiment the more you try out new outfits and the more you research on Google and that’s how you’ll get much better at dressing just like fitness dressing is one thing that you can work on by educating yourself constantly.

Which brings me to point number 3..

3. Pants (Jeans)

A lot of guys are happy with just a pair of jeans,
but what you need to understand is that you actually change your overall look overall feel and how sexy you are by just going and trying out different pants.

You can start off by experimenting with Chinos.

best chions combinations
Image Source Stylesamplemag

So again in this case let’s take a simple grey chino and replace it with those dark blue jeans and wear a black T-shirt.
It kind of lightens up the whole mood and is also great clubbing outfits.
You can go to a club in this, you can go to work Café for lunch date it’s just one of thousands things you can do with Chinos.

5 secrets to dress well
Image source pinterest

If you have the money to invest in pants after you’ve already bought your jeans your number purchase in my opinion should be Chinos

Now Chinos come in many different colors, if you wanna dress Lil bit sober all you need is a grey chino and a black Chino. 

These are neutral colours that you can pair with almost any other colours.

Don’t buy too stylish or too expensive chino because at the end of the day it’s all about saving money.

Invest in a medium level brand like Marks and Spencer or Jack and Jones,
They usually have good Chinos costing around 400-500 Rupees and it will easily last two to three years which I think is a very very good investment if you are looking to look sharp at all times.

Let’s hit number Four that is Accessories 

4. Accessories

I feel that classic dressing is all about keeping it classic.

The classic way of showing people that you are classic dude is watches.

Watch kind of convey to the other person that you’re a busy Guy. You’re a guy for whom time matters.

Of course just like shoes they complete the look of your entire outfit.

Also when you combine different kind of watches with your looks absolutely it change how you feel 

It’s all about trying different combinations and figuring out which combinations goes well for you.

Get yourself a class formal watch and a neutral silver watch,
These go very well with casual as well as formal outfits.

5 secrets to dress well
Image source hiconsumption

This brings me to my final point number five which is not really about dressing but it’s about the mentality.

5. Mentality and Confidence

A lot of guys start dressing better when they are going in college or after college and when you are going through that phase were you are learning about clothes, about fashion, learning about different combinations and all these rules that I have spoken about.
You are a little nervous when you are actually wearing these clothes to go out for parties.

Just because of this a lot of guys won’t experiment with different clothes and style and they will not break their comfort zone.

If you want to learn about fashion and improve your dressing style,
you have to break your comfort zone and start experimenting with your clothing and combinations to find out what suits you the best.

A well dressed guy is someone who keeps changing clothes tries different outfits and most importantly your confidence. Make sure that whatever you are wearing you go out in them with confidence. Now you can’t get that confidence overnight. That confidence will come after experimenting.

So from now focus on your dressing and make sure to wear it with confidence.

These were 5 secrets tips for men to dress better in India. I hope these 5 simple secrets will help you dress more perfectly.

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